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Logistics Management MCQ Questions and Answers Part 1

Beside SNA, it will also support X.25 protocols satellite and radio communication the INDONET is expected to cover 35 major cities of India. The CMC Ltd. is closely involved with NISSAT activities in library networking programmes in Calcutta and Delhi. The satellite based National Informatics Network was set up to provide informatics services to the Central and State Government Departments and its organiza-tions.

This is a many-to-many (or any-to-any) approach since any company that is connected to the network can in principle exchange documents with anyone else in that network. Many-to-many relations enable network effects, as each participant in the network can add to or gain value from the network by connecting to it . The user centres provide access points for information available at the specialized centres and also provide a mechanism to keep the databases up-to-date with the findings and results from their laboratories. A multiplexer is a device used for transmission of several messages over a single channel using predetermined frequencies within the full bandwidth.

value added networks primarily designed to carry

What is an advantage of packet-switched technology over circuit-switched technology? Packet-switched networks do not require an expensive permanent connection to each endpoint. A connection-oriented system predetermines the network path, creates a virtual circuit for the duration of the packet delivery, and requires that each packet only carry an identifier. A connectionless packet-switched network, such as the Internet, requires each data packet to carry addressing information.

Computer Network MCQ Questions with Answers

Each member relies on one another to foster growth and increase value. Value network members can consist of external members (e.g., customers) or internal members, such as research and development teams. The primary advantage of a value network includes the way a business or individual applies the resources, influence, and insight of their network connections.

value added networks primarily designed to carry

A search engine is the primary method most consumers use to discover new websites and to search for information. The click-through rate for online advertising is around 0.2 percent; for search advertising, the click-through rate is approximately ________ percent. Online technologies allow company leaders to specify the target market they want to see a banner ad, such as females, ages 50+ with incomes above $50,000. Using the internet to promote and attract consumers to a particular website is brand spiraling. Blogs can provide a small business with a relatively inexpensive way to communicate with customers.

Web 1.0 transformed traditional retailing by creating engagement between companies and customers. Generated instant communication that helped improve customer service. Created online communities that connect buyers and sellers in new ways. One disadvantage of distributed routing is related to the problems that arise if the routing tables need to be updated. Physical topologies display the IP addressing scheme of each network. The receiving node identifies the beginning of a frame by seeing a physical address.

Strengths, weaknesses and examples of Value-Added Network *

Fibre Optics cables are glass fibres that provide high quality transmission of signals at very high speeds of nearly 1000 Megabits per second for distances up to 25 miles. The unit for measuring the speed of data transmission is known as baud. Common speeds available to terminal users accessing remote systems are 300 and 1200 bauds. Faster transmission speeds of 2400, 4800, 9600 and even 24,000 and 96,000 bauds are also available.

A primary cause of customer dissatisfaction and lost sales with e-commerce is slow load-times of web pages, especially the main page. Research by Torbit found that as load time increased, the bounce rate declined. Web 2.0 transformed traditional retailing by creating engagement between companies and customers.

If the number of packets to be queued continues to increase, the memory queues fill up and packets are dropped. A well-designed network can prioritize network traffic to provide users with reliable quality of service, or QoS. The current Internet architecture, while highly scalable, may not always be able to keep up with the pace of user demand. New protocols and addressing structures are under development to meet the increasing rate at which Internet applications and services are being added. On a converged network, there are still many points of contact and many specialized devices, such as personal computers, phones, TVs, and tablet computers, but there is one common network infrastructure. This network infrastructure uses the same set of rules, agreements, and implementation standards.

value added networks primarily designed to carry

Leased lines can operate up to 2400 bps on asynchronous connections, and 9600 bps on synchronous lines. The aim of the front-end processor is to provide an inter-face between the mainframe computer and the network so that the data is passed to and from the mainframe efficiently. As stated before, VANs are standalone networks, which means a company would need to hire specialized individuals to build the network, as well as pay for the infrastructure. On the other hand, internet-based systems come with most of the infrastructure already in place and need only the software work to be done.

Clayton Christensen discusses the concept of value network in his book, “The Investor’s Dilemma.” He states that a network comprises everything outside the business that supports it to achieve the overall goal. A value network refers to a series of interactions between individuals, organizations, or departments that benefit the entire group. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites.

On rare occasions it is necessary to send out a strictly service related announcement. For instance, if our service is temporarily suspended for maintenance we might send users an email. Generally, users may not opt-out of these communications, though they can deactivate their account information. This chapter focuses on networking as a primary platform for supporting communication.

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The network simply has more bits to transmit than what the bandwidth of the communications channel can deliver. In this lab you will explore converged services offered by local ISPs and research how converged networks are in use by institutions. While the internet makes it possible to reach customers anywhere in the world, many companies turn away from international orders because they do not have processes in place to fill them. With mobile advertising, geo-fencing utilizes real-time location to deliver advertising messages based on a person’s proximity to a retail business. Developing marketing messages that create two-way communication with customers. Mobile marketing provides a social device that links individuals to social networks where they can post comments, pictures, and videos as well as read the thoughts of others.

  • Network bandwidth is the measure of the data-carrying capacity of the network.
  • The giant company implements both internal and external value networks as a way of finding solutions to the problems encountered in its regular operations.
  • The online access is currently restricted to DIALOG for most of these centres .
  • The use of currently operational local library networks namely DELNET, BONET and CALIBNET should in no way be limited to the electronic mail facilities.

The ability to charge users for active connections through the network is a fundamental premise of the telecommunication service industry. The project aims to bridge the inter- disciplinary gaps on information and to establish link among scientists in organizations involved in R & D and manufacturing activities in biotechnology. These specialized centres, designated as Distributed Information Centres, are equipped with Micro VAX II for creation and maintenance of specialized databases in their respective area of specialization. The BTISNET is being installed using the NICNET communication infrastructure for connections amongst the 10 distributed centres and 25 odd user’s centres.

It would link up institutions of higher learning covering all disciplines, about 150 university libraries R&D institutions and national organizations like CSIR, ICAR, DRDO ICMR, ICSSR etc. The network has been conceptualized as a hybrid of satellite based and terrestrial communication system. The network has been designed to offer a plethora of odd services including online catalogue, data-base service, electronic document supply, collection development, etc. A national node has been set up at Ahmedabad to coordinate the network activities.

What Is a Value Network?

There are also large organizations that are avoiding some of the facilities of local telephone companies and long-distance systems by esta-blishing their own private bypass networks. Most of the international data communication networks used for online searching through value added networks primarily designed to carry remote terminals are value-added carriers. Various national and international networks are further linked to each other through gateways. Since this article focuses on computer communication networks, networks falling into the later two categories are discussed here.

Corporate culture refers to the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and management interact. The Normann and Ramirez constellations value network believes networks to be fluid setups that allow for constant change and improvement. It is up to members in the network to analyze the current relationships and look for openings and opportunities as a way to add value. Will Kenton is an expert on the economy and investing laws and regulations.

It places the needed data, along with the computing/communications resources necessary to process these data at the end-user’s location. DDP networks may be intended for the use of a single organization or many organizations. The possible DDP networks https://1investing.in/ configurations include the star, and the ring arrangements. The Distributed Information Centres (DIC’s) of the Biotechnology Information System consist-ing of 9 DIC’s scattered in 7 cities of India is an example of Distributed Data Processing Network.

It will support packet switching interface to CCITTs X.25, X.28, X.29 and X.75 recommendations. Analogous to the public telephone network, many domestic common carriers provide data com-munications services via a specialized network called a Public Data Network . A public data network may provide circuit switching services and/or packet switching and, in future, may be expected to provide many other enhanced services. Examples of Public Data Networks include GTE Telenet, Tymnet, Graphnet, and Faxpac in US; Datapac in Canada, PSS in UK, Transpac in France, DDX and Venus in Japan, etc.

Structured Query Language is a specialized programming language designed for interacting with a database…. The Structured Query Language comprises several different data types that allow it to store different types of information… “Need information on Value-Added Network you can trust? All content in KnowledgeBrief is written by experts in the field, and all further resources for detailed information has been been approved by KnowledgeBrief.” The top 50 of hundreds of business management techniques, concepts and ideas in KnowledgeBrief. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation.

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