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Medical Practices are now able to offer Cosmoj’s third party plan services to their selected payment methods.

Never Turn a Patient Away Due to Financial Hassles

Traditionally, only financing options were available for out of pocket medical expenses. Now practices can still work with patients who may not be approved for a loan &/or opt out of financing ventures; using Cosmoj’s payment plan services!
Traditional Payment Methods
Cosmoj's Third Party Payment Plan
Increased Converted Percentage (Prospective Patient -> Actual Patient)

How It Works


Provider Enrolls Client Into Cosmoj’s Third Party Payment Plan

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Cosmoj deducts a fixed monetary amount from the client’s bank account per month to go towards the clients medical bill with the provider/medical practice. For transparency purposes, The provider receives notifications per paid/non paid monthly transactions.
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Once the cost is completely paid per client, Cosmoj will transfer the due amount to the provider via electronic transfer fund

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